Data Science Immersive Bootcamp

    A Job Guaranteed* Training Program

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum & Projects
  • Live Online Classes by Industry Experts
  • Guaranteed Job with Top Companies
  • days
  • hour
  • min
  • sec
  • 50 Seats Only
    Selection based process
  • Online
  • 500+
    Hours of Learning
  • 7 Months
  • Live Instructor
  • Optional
  • 100%

How Data Science Bootcamp prepares you for a Guaranteed Job in Data Science?

  • Experience Holistic Learning

    Master Data Science by learning through experts, working on industry projects and rigorous interview preparation.

  • Data Science, Data Engineering and Cloud Computing

    Become a full-stack data scientist by learning each aspect of the data science ecosystem.

  • Peer Groups and Team Projects

    Take advantage of the comprehensive learning experience by interacting with peers and team projects


100% Guaranteed Job*

Being part of this Immersive Bootcamp will Guarantee that you land into your dream data science job
  • Extensive Network of Hiring Partners
  • Get help with Resume and Digital Profile Building
  • Get Consistent Feedback with Mock Interviews
*Terms and Conditions

The key Challenge that data science aspirants face while applying for data science job is “Lack of Experience” The Data Science Bootcamp comes with a full-time internship. Get the industry exposure to kick-start your data science career.


Bootcamp 2020 Highlights


100% Batch Placed

All the Students have been successfully placed in Top Companies


250% Salary Hike

On average, a bootcamp student saw an increase of 250% salary jump.


100+ Companies

More than 100 companies have participated in Analytics Vidhya’s hiring drives

Bootcamp Success Stories

  • Samsensurya

    As a fresher in the data science field, I was always sceptical of how I would be able to work in a data science company. The Data Science Bootcamp proved me wrong with their methodical and structured training. As a result, I managed to get placed in Fractal Analytics within one month of joining Bootcamp. We had great mentors & instructors who made sure every concept was understood well. Thank you Analytics Vidhya for helping me kickstart my data science career.

    Samsensurya Selvaraj Consultant - Fractal Analytics
  • haradev

    I had a great learning experience during my internship at Analytics Vidhya. The Data Science Bootcamp covered a lot of important concepts & topics. The structure was clear, logical and effective. The things I liked most about the program apart from the training was that it helped me improve my personal skills as well. I got placed in Fractal as a Consultant, wherein my role provides me with exciting opportunities. Looking forward to learning and growing more in the field of Data Science.

    Haradev Dachepalli Consultant - Fractal Analytics
  • navneet

    I joined the bootcamp about a month ago and it was a great experience. In the bootcamp, every aspect of a data science project was focused-on thoroughly. The instructors & mentors were very helpful throughout the course. I experienced theoretical learning in the classroom and practical learning during the internship which was a great duo. Kudos to the Analytics Vidhya team for such a great thought-out bootcamp.

    Navneet Mann Consultant - Fractal Analytics
  • evina

    The Data Science Bootcamp Training programme covered various topics, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The instructors have put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. The regular assignments, assessments and projects have helped me understand the topic at a deeper level. Analytics Vidhya has not only provided the relevant training and improved my technical skills, but has also helped me strengthen my personal skills!

    Evina Chowhan Consultant - Fractal Analytics
  • kaushalsethi

    It was a diverse experience interacting with the colleagues over zoom.It was a holistic learning experience especially for someone like me whose previous job role was in operations and making a switch to data science.

    Kaushal Shetty AM - Analytics at Paisabazaar
  • megha_jain

    Everyday was a new learning experience. Regular projects, Hackathons, Blogathons and presentations, gave me more clarity about the concepts and motivated me to do better. Whenever I felt stuck, the AV team was there to help and their guidance always gave a realistic perception towards problems.

    Megha Setia Associate Consultant in KPMG
  • Pravar_jain

    I had a great learning experience during my internship. I got a chance to learn about different stages of data in the Data lifecycle, right from collection of raw data to derive meaningful outputs and predictions. Also, I got the opportunity to implement and showcase my knowledge through Hackathons and blogs which helped me to share my learning to the community and reach a larger audience.

    Pravar Jain Associate Consultant (Data Scientist), KPMG
  • Sarthak

    My Bootcamp Experience at AV was fantastic. I did a lot of modelling projects (regression, clustering, propensity modelling, classification etc.) I also wrote blogs for our website which helped me gain a holistic knowledge about the topics that I was studying. Overall, the internship helped me develop critical thinking so that I could actually solve problems rather than simply using tools.

    Sarthak Arora AM - Analytics at Paisabazaar

Who is this Job Guaranteed* Program meant for?

Fresh Graduates wanting to build career in Data Science

Get the right knowledge and experience required to get your dream data science job.

Young professionals who want to conquer the world

Deep dive into the world of data science with the right blend of tools, techniques and projects.

Future Leaders

Transition into data science early on in your career and start young in the world of data science.

Your Roadmap to a Successful Data Science Career

Comprehensive Curriculum vetted by Industry experts

Your Roadmap to a Successful Data Science Career

Comprehensive Curriculum vetted by Industry experts
  • 01

    Program starts

  • 02

    Deep Dive into the world of Analytics with Excel and SQL

  • 03

    Master your Storytelling Skills with PowerBI

  • 04

    Polish your Python Coding Skills

Experience Live Demo Session

Live Session Getting Started with Decision Trees


Check out the Demo Session from Data Science Immersive Bootcamp here

Languages and Tools covered

Python Pandas Numpy matp Seaborn Scikits Excel Keras Spacy Spark aws SQL Mongodb name


17+ Modules starting from basics like Excel to the most advanced machine learning topics

Introduction to Data Science and understanding the stages of Data Science lifecycle

Overview Data Science and Application

Common terminologies of Data Science

Various roles within Data Science

Essential Stages of Data Science Life Cycle

Organizational challenges while building Data Science projects

Problem Formulation and Framework to choose right problem statement

Hypothesis Building and Framework

How to Build Comprehensive Hypothesis set

Excel Basics, Formulas and Functions

Excel Charts, Pivot Tables, Sort, Filter, What-if Analysis tool

Build business simulation using Excel

Basics of databases

ACID and BASE properties of a database

Working with SQL, Extract data from databases containing multiple tables

Performing Data Analysis using SQL

Loading datasets and establishing table relationships

Work with different type of charts and dashboards

Working with Map visualizations and other advanced charts with drill down functionalities

Working with power query for data manipulation

Writing DAX expressions

Python Basics Programming (Conditional, Looping, Functions)

Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, regular expression, beautifulsoup

Good programming practices (testing, debugging, assertions, exception handling)

Get familiar with functional programming and its use cases

Understand the concepts of Object Oriented Programming (Inheritance, encapsulation)

Learn about version control and working with github

Connecting with databases using python

Public Vs Private Cloud

IaaS vs PaaS Vs SaaS

AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Compute Services - EC2, AWS Lambda

AWS Storage Services - S3, DynamoDB, RedShift

AWS Security Policies

Monitoring & Analysis - AWS CloudWatch

Univariate, Bi-variate and Multivariate analysis

Work with different type of tests like t-test, z-test, chi-square test, anova

Work with Missing values, outliers, data pre-processing

Learn Important ML Basics Concepts (Train, Test, Validate, Bias , Variance, Overfitting, Underfitting)

Work with Evaluation metrics (Classification and Regression both)

Work with different validation techniques

Perform data cleaning and Preprocessing

Linear Models, Decision Tree, k-NN

Math Behind each Machine Learning Algorithm

Building Classification and Regression Models

Hyperparameter Tuning to improve model

Introduction to unsupervised learning and clustering

Working of clustering algorithms (k-means clustering)

Evaluation metrics for unsupervised learning problems

Understand feature engineering for structured and unstructured data

Perform feature extraction, generation and transformation techniques

Explore the basic and advanced ensemble techniques (rank averaging, random forest and more)

Challenges & Applications of Big Data

Introduction to Distributed Computing

Spark Architecture

RDDs & DataFrames

Understanding Spark Execution

Building Classification & Regression Models

Building ML Pipelines

SQL vs NoSQL databases

Different types of NoSQL databases

Querying, Aggregation & Indexing in MongoDB

Replicate & Share data in MongoDB

Exploring time series data and dealing with date-time variable

Learn Basic Forecasting algorithms (naive approach, simple average, moving average)

Work with Exponential smoothing algorithms (Simple, double, holts winter)

Work with Advanced forecasting algorithms (ARIMA, SARIMA, Prophet)

Introduction to NLP and its applications

Handling Text Data (Cleaning and Pre-processing)

Information Extraction and Retrieval from text

Language Modelling

Feature Engineering from textual data

Text Classification

Topic modelling

Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction to Neural Networks

Activation Function, Optimizers, Loss Functions

Image Classification

Transfer Learning


Text Classification

Introduction to Model Deployment

Deploying Your First Machine Learning models

Deploying ML Learning model using Streamlit + AWS

Deploying Image Classification model using Streamlit + AWS

    Overall in Bootcamps
  • 500+ Hours of Live online classes
  • 20+ Industry Projects
  • 12+ Cutting Edge Tools
  • 50+ Hours of Interview Prep

Reinforce Your learnings with 20+ projects

Doing projects is one of the most essential steps to apply your learning and showcase in your resume. Writing code is one thing but writing it efficiently, well that requires practice

Customer Churn Prediction

Customer retention is a crucial aspect for any organization. Learn to use the Data Science Techniques for predicting the propensity of customer churn for a Bank.


NYC Taxi Trip Duration Prediction

To improve the efficiency of taxi dispatching systems, it is important to be able to predict how long a driver will have his taxi occupied. Build Machine Learning Models to accurately predict trip duration for taxi trips in New York City.


Descriptive Analytics: FIFA-19 Players

Work on a dataset of FIFA19 players and do descriptive analytics on it. Go through the thought process of how data is understood, transformed into a useful format and how we get answers and insights from our data.


Classify Emergency Vehicles

Fatalities due to traffic delays of emergency vehicles such as ambulance & fire brigade is a huge problem. Use Deep Learning Techniques and design a system for classifying a vehicle into an emergency and non emergency category.

Industry Experts & Mentors


Kunal Jain

Founder & CEO, Analytics Vidhya

Sunil Ray

Chief Content Officer at Analytics Vidhya

Anand Mishra

Head Of Engineering at Analytics Vidhya

Dipanjan Sarkar

Lead Data Scientist and Google Developer Expert

Pranav Dar

Sr Editor & Data Scientist at Analytics Vidhya
Arihant Jain

Arihant Jain

Head of Data Science & Risk IIFL (India Infoline Group)

Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

Senior Data Scientist Analytics Vidhya

Subhash Meena

Senior Data Scientist Analytics Vidhya

Experience Data Science Bootcamp with Internship (Optional)

  • Learn on the job with Full-Time Internship
  • Get to work with best data scientists from India’s leading Data Science community
  • Hands-On Experience with latest tools, libraries and state of the frameworks
  • * The Optional Internship cannot be availed by Full-Time Working Professionals


  • Step One


    Apply for the Data Science Bootcamp program by filling up the application form.

  • Step Two

    Assessments & Interviews

    Take the Assessment Test and undergo the Interview Rounds

  • Step Three

    Join the Program

    Get started on your journey to become a industry ready data scientist

Bootcamp Fee

Data Science Immersive Bootcamp

A Job Guaranteed* Training Program!
  • Comes with 100% Placement Guarantee
  • Expert Data Science Instructors and Mentors
  • Interview Opportunity with top companies
  • Weekly Mock Interviews
  • 500+ hours of learning
  • 20+ Industry Projects
  • 12+ Data Science Tools
  • Bootcamp with Optional Internship
  • Scholarship of upto ₹20,000 available based on Assessment Test Performance
One Time Program Fees
₹2,25,000 + (GST)
Start your Bootcamp Learning with
₹22,778 + (GST)per month with 0% Interest EMI
Start Bootcamp and pay the program fee after you get job
₹2,75,000 + (GST) + (Admission Fee)

indian-rupee 1,60,000 + GST

Candidates can pay the program fee through Netbanking, Credit/Debit cards, Cheque or DD. Also, with our corporate financial partnerships avail education loans at 0% interest rate*.


Ascend Pro

Mastering Data Science for the Industry
  • Certified by KPMG in India & Analytics Vidhya
  • Industry Case Studies and Capstone Projects
  • 500+ Learning Hours
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 3 Full-Week HackConfs
  • 3 Hands-On intensive workshops
  • 20+ Real World Projects
  • Master 15+ tools

Pay When You Get a Job

The Data Science Immersive Bootcamp ISA (Income Sharing Agreement) is a type of payment plan where you can pay the program fee when you get hired.

We at Analytics Vidhya truly believe that we benefit only when you benefit. The ISA (Income Sharing Agreement) is a payment plan for all those bright students across India who can’t afford to pay the entire fee of this program upfront but seriously want to take up this opportunity to become a successful data scientist.

Detailed Payment Plans for the Immersive Bootcamp

Below is the actual Cost of the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Program along with a Guaranteed Job.
  • Particulars Full Lump-sum Payment Option EMI Option (Loan Option) ISA (Income Share Agreement) Option
  • Total Cost of Program ₹1,95,000* (You Pay inclusive of admission fee of ₹20000) ₹2,10,000* (You Pay inclusive of admission fee of ₹20000 ) ₹2,75,000 (You pay after getting a job) + ₹20,000 (You pay upfront- Admission Fees)
  • Scholarship (upto* ₹20000) based on performance in assessment test and interaction. (₹20,000)* (₹20,000)* (₹20,000)*

With Early Bird Offer (SAVE ₹30,000 during early bird offer enrollment period on one time full payment and ₹15,000 on EMI option)

Guaranteed Job of minimum ₹5,50,000 per annum (₹45,833 per month)

All prices are exclusive of government taxes (GST)

Admission Fee of ₹20000 + GST ( Non refundable)

Scholarship will be given on the ISA amount for the ISA option.

1.In the case of Lump Sum One-time Full Payment:

  • Particulars Amount (INR)
  • Total Cost of Program ₹2,25,000
  • Early Bird Offer ₹30,000 Discount (₹30,000)
  • Scholarship (Upto ₹20,000) based on assessment test (₹20,000)

With Early Bird Offer (SAVE ₹30,000 during early bird offer enrollment period on one time full payment option and ₹15,000 on EMI option)

All prices are exclusive of government taxes (GST)

Guaranteed Job of minimum ₹5,50,000 per annum (₹45,833 per month)

Admission Fee of ₹20000 + GST ( Non refundable) to be paid at the time of enrolment.

Scholarship will be given on the ISA amount for the ISA option and not on admission fee.

2.In the case of Payment in Zero-Cost EMIs via Loan Option:

  • Particulars Amount (INR)
  • Total Cost of Program ₹2,25,000*
  • Early Bird Offer ₹15,000 Discount (₹15,000)
  • Scholarship (Upto ₹20,000) based on assessment test (₹20,000)

Guaranteed Job of minimum ₹5,50,000 per annum (₹45,833 per month).

Processing Fee of Loan Agreement is ₹1000 + GST

With Early Bird Offer (SAVE ₹30,000 during early bird offer enrollment period on one time full payment and ₹15,000 on EMI option)

All prices are exclusive of government taxes (GST)

Admission Fee of ₹20000 + GST ( Non refundable) to be paid at the time of enrolment.

Scholarship will be given on the ISA amount for the ISA option and not on admission fee.

3. In case of signing up an Income Share Agreement (ISA)

  • Particulars Amount
  • Total Cost of ISA (you start paying in EMIs after getting a job) ₹2,75,000*
  • Admission Fee (to be paid upfront) (₹20,000)
  • Scholarship upto ₹20,000 ( on ISA Amount) (₹20,000)

Guaranteed Job of minimum ₹5,50,000 per annum (₹45,833 per month).

Processing Fee of Loan Agreement is ₹1000 + GST

ISA can be signed for 12 or 24 months.

All prices are exclusive of government taxes (GST)

Admission Fee of ₹20000 + GST ( Non refundable) to be paid at the time of enrolment.

Scholarship will be given on the ISA amount and not on the admission fee.

Hear From Our Previous Batch

Sarthak Arora

Assistant Manager - Analytics PaisaBazaar

Hear the story of Sarthak, who went from being a fresher to AM - Analytics at Paisabazaar, India’s largest fintech company.

Kamaldeep Singh

Assistant Manager - Analytics PaisaBazaar

Get a glimpse of Kamaldeep’s journey into the field of data science and how he managed to grab one of the hottest roles in the industry

Ashwin Deenadayalan

Assistant Manager - Analytics PaisaBazaar

Hear the story of Ashwin, who converted his experience and transitioned into data science successfully.

Kaushal Shetty

Assistant Manager - Analytics PaisaBazaar

Get a glimpse of Kaushal’s story, who took a leap of faith which was worth it.

Frequently asked Questions

Top Questions

Who is this program meant for?
The Data Science Immersive Bootcamp is designed for fresh graduates, young professionals and anyone who wants to make an early transition into the world of data science. The course is focussed on instilling the skills required by the industry and making you job ready.
The Data Science Immersive Bootcamp program is a 7 month Part-Time Instructor led online program. During this time, you will also be doing your internship. However, duration of the job-guarantee is 13 Months from the start of your program
Hiring partners for this program include top Global & Indian MNCs, technology services and product companies as well as fast growing start-ups. Few companies that hired in the past from Analytics Vidhya’s platforms Fractal Analytics, PaisaBazaar, EXL, KPMG, American Express, ABInBev and Jet Privilege amongst others.
No. Analytics Vidhya offers a Paid Internship to all the interested candidate as part of the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Program. The Internship can be availed by Non-Fulltime Working Professional. However the Internship is not mandatory. Internship ensures that candidates get the right practical work experience by being on the job with Analytics Vidhya during the bootcamp. This also makes candidates ready for the industry from Day 1 and also help recruiters from companies hire candidates from this program with confidence.
The Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Program is perfect for all the Full-Time Working Professionals. The classes will be held in late evenings and over the weekend which gives you the flexibility to attend all the classes.
Yes, Scholarships worth upto ₹20,000 are available for all the students who perform well in the Bootcamp Assessment Test. You can take the test by applying on the Apply Now form.
No. The ISA is option is reserved for the bright students who can’t afford the fee of the Bootcamp program but genuinely want to build a successful career in Data Science. The candidates who are availing the ISA option must undergo the Internship with Analytics Vidhya.
Yes. The Bootcamp program offers a paid internship opportunity to all the interested candidates. It is the perfect opportunity to transition into Data Science and experience working with one of the best Data Scientists in the industry. Please bear in mind, a full-time working can’t avail this option.
This Bootcamp will be certified by Analytics Vidhya. Certificate of Internship with Analytics Vidhya and Certificate of Completion of the Bootcamp Program will be given by Analytics Vidhya at the end of the program.
The Data Science Immersive Program has a stellar past placement record. However, if you have met all the job guarantee conditions and still don’t get placed then you are eligible for complete refund.